Writing Retreats and Courses for Academic Writers

1-to-1 Writing Consultation

This is an individual consultation about your writing with Rowena Murray – a 90-minute session tailored to your requirements, which could focus on the following:

  • writing persuasively
  • reviewing writing process
  • setting realistic writing goals
  • improving structure and style
  • developing a writing programme
  • writing your next chapter or paper
  • developing productive writing habits
  • meeting doctoral assessment criteria (‘originality’, ‘contribution’ etc.)
  • addressing a specific challenge – defined by you – in your current/next writing task

These are just suggestions; you decide what we focus on, what you most need now.

The session is likely to begin with a discussion of the challenge(s) you face in your writing. I then, usually, suggest strategies for analysing and overcoming this challenge, and we talk about what exactly you can write about next. If it seems useful, there can be time for you to write or revise for a few minutes at various points in this consultation.

Alternatively, it may be that you have no such problems with writing and want to focus on other issues, like improving the quality of your writing, writing in your own voice or becoming more productive, for example – also options for this individual consultation.

Cost – £100 (includes my time to read your writing before/after the consultation)

When – time to be confirmed, to suit your availability

To book a place – email r.e.g.murray@btinternet.com