Retreat Facilitator Training

I will  be running my Training for Retreat Facilitators course at Bowfield Hotel and Country House in Howwood on 6 - 8 April 2020. Email me to book a place.

This course is for those who want to run Structured Writing Retreats. It’s not a writing retreat, so you don’t need to bring a laptop, unless you use it to take notes etc. It’s a series of workshops and presentations, using the Structured Writing Retreat timings: start on day 1 at 5pm and finish on day 3 at 4pm. The facilitator is Rowena Murray.

For those who have not been to a Structured Writing Retreat, it is a good idea to attend the Writing Retreat that I run just before this course, but it’s not a requirement.

Writing retreats have long been known to increase and improve scholarly output and research activity. A more recent form, Structured Writing Retreat (Murray and Newton 2009), can develop research capacity and activity. Attending multiple retreats can help to build research and writing into work and life. Consequently, some Deans, Research Coordinators and Heads of Department build writing retreats into research strategies.

This course includes:

  • Review of writing retreat formats, focusing on Structured Writing Retreats
  • Explanation of rationale for this framework for writing
  • Strategies facilitators can use to support participants at writing retreats
  • Ideas on how to prepare for and organise retreats
  • Suggestions for ‘holding’ the retreat structure
  • Recurring issues and participants’ FAQs
  • Problem-solving
  • Review of the growing literature on writing retreats
  • Practical sessions to develop retreat facilitation skills and review facilitation styles
  • Review of current literature on health and wellbeing during periods of intensive writing
  • Evaluating, evidencing outputs and outcomes, measuring impact on participants
  • Strategies for internal and external dissemination of findings
  • Strategies for using, adapting and sustaining this model in other settings.

Participants will receive four of Rowena Murray’s articles on writing retreats and four books: How to Write a Thesis, Writing for Academic Journals, The Handbook of Academic Writing (co-authored with Sarah Moore) and Writing in Social Spaces.

The fee for this course is £850, payable to Anchorage Educational Services. Accommodation with full board costs £260, payable to Bowfield Hotel.

To register contact: Rowena Murray

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