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Defines criteria, practices and arrangements, recurring questions and strategies for strong answers. Advice on how to practise and develop skills for this type of oral exam.

Guidance on structuring a thesis in any discipline, developing good writing habits, overcoming writer’s block, understanding the assessment process, with practical tips, writing activities, outlines, visual displays, timetables for writing and examples.

Research-informed practical advice. Covers the whole process of writing a journal article, from targeting a journal to dealing with reviewers’ feedback. Shows how to write abstracts, produce detailed outlines and generate and revise drafts.

This book is for postgraduate students who are just starting to teach at university.

Key features: accessible guidelines, basic advice, practical approach, small doses of theory, current debates, templates for preparing classes and frameworks for teaching portfolios.

Explains how to integrate writing in work by managing institutional processes, developing rhetorical strategies, changing writing behaviours and understanding writing contexts.

Based on former Quality Assurance Agency precepts, key areas covered are selection and admission of students, training in research and generic skills, supervising doctoral writing, monitoring and review arrangements, examination practice, complaints and appeals procedures.

This book is for those doing courses on teaching in higher education. It explains what is meant by the scholarship of teaching and learning and provides information on key theories and debates. This book will help with Teaching and Learning Fellowship applications.

This book is about solving the problem of making time and space for writing. It is a research-based, theorised approach to the skill of writing. It explains and evidences the benefits of various ways of applying social processes in the writing process.

Examines the experiences and stories of female professors.  Explores how careers were ‘made’ rather than focusing on stumbling blocks.  Uses various theoretical and methodological approaches to understand how women navigate the process of becoming a professor.

This is the first comprehensive study of George Mackay Brown’s writing, charting the development of his ideas and styles. It is an accessible introduction to one of the 20th century’s great writers.

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Drawings and texts explore connections between people, places and the ‘stuff’ of writing, expressing the unsaid, witnessing moments that give writing its anguish and its joy.

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Chapter contributions by Rowena Murray

My chapter is ‘Doctoral students create new spaces to write’

My chapter is on ‘Becoming rhetorical’

My chapter on ‘Getting started with writing’

My chapter is on ‘Writing articles, books and presentations’

My chapter: If not Rhetoric and Composition, then what?: Teaching teachers to teach writing in a Scottish University

My chapter is about ‘Writing prolifically’

My chapter offers the Writing Meeting Framework as a way to sustain the benefits of writing retreats

Title of my chapter is ‘Disrupting the structures that disrupt women’s writing’.

Title of my chapter is ‘Social Writing’.

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