What will  I achieve?


The output for each retreat differs depending on the writing project that you are working on. In one recent retreat at the Black Bull Hotel, 15 participants’ outputs were as follows:

  1. Revised and completed research proposal for small grant (1000 words). Replied to copy editor’s queries on 4 chapters. Wrote paper for an in-house journal (1000 words). Drafted marketing questionnaire for publishers (500 words). Drafted journal article from conference paper (2000 new words)
  2. Completed final draft of journal article, including 8 graphs. Completed draft proposal and ethics form
  3. 2500 words of preparatory, theoretical work for EdD
  4. PhD literature review: 4100 new words
  5. Journal article: 800 words of new article, 2000 written, 1500 cut. All revisions completed and article submitted. 30-page transcription analysed for PhD
  6. Journal article: 2300 new words written, 2000 words edited
  7. Edited existing work for MSc literature review chapter and added 2500 words
  8. Journal article: 2000 new words, 4000 edited words. Wrote 400-word conference abstract
  9. Worked on 2 book chapters: 2500 + 3000 new words. Edited 3100 words. Notes on one topic created and formatted
  10. Wrote 9261 new words for PhD
  11. PhD: wrote 8000 new words and edited 14,000 words
  12. Wrote 4256 new words for PhD
  13. Completed draft literature review for PhD, emailed to supervisors (4580 new words)
  14. Conference paper (1000 words), book chapter (2000 words), edited previously written chapter of 9000 words
  15. Journal article: wrote 6071 new words + newspaper article (935 words).